4H Animal Visit Farm

Make friends with Geir the Goat, Rabbit and all of Rabbits relatives and friends, the Chicken Brothers and their cousin Egg. Even an alpaca called Al. (Paca, of course) Here you can make new friends, some furry, some with feathers, some with udders and some in cages. At times we arrange pony rides and other activities. The farm is open every day during summer holidays.

The farm is located on Vangen, just behind the Adventure Golf course. The farm is open every day in the summer holiday seasons, but the level of activity and number of animals will vary somewhat during the period.

Tickets are sold in the ticket booth in the Activity building/Play centre.

Free entrance for adults and toddlers under 3 years.

Farm - opening hours

Entrance Prices


Visit the rabbits, hold them, play with and pet them in the hay. The ducks vade, waddle and splash in the ducks pond and the pigs are rolling in the mud.

The goats and the sweet and exotic alpacas also enjoys being cuddled. The peacock will strut and burst, and his friends, the hens and the roosters will pick any eatable object on the ground. The Lama is a friendly fellow, but beware: If he gets angry, he will spit!


Children can take part in the gathering of eggs from the hen house and bring "home" for special brunch omelette. When the supply is sufficient, the very local eggs can also be bought in the store by the reception.


2015 was appointed the International Agriculture Year by United Nations. Our visit Farm continue that project. During the year we grow a lot of different plants, herbs, corn and berries.