Vøringsfossen Waterfalls

Perhaps the most famous waterfalls in Norway

With its 145 meter long waterfall, the Vøringsfossen is perhaps Norway's most famous waterfall and a very popular tourist destination. The waterfall is one of the most visited nature-based attractions in Norway. The falls and the dramatic transition between fjord and plains, where enormous amounts of water thunders and falls 145 meters from the Hardangervidda plateau and into Måbødalen is indeed a powerful sight.

Better terraces and viewpoints to the top of the waterfall have been built since 2015.

It is a 90 minutes drive from Hallingdal Feriepark to Vøringsfossen. Turn immediately left on the main road and follow the Riksvei 7 road past Geilo and Haugastøl towards Eidfjord. Exits to the waterfalls will be signposted. At Fossli Hotel and at Vøringfoss cafeteria and souvenir right next to RV7 you can find good views of the massive forces of the wild water.

It is also possible to see the waterfalls from the bottom. From old RV7, about 30 minutes on a hiking trail takes you to the foot of the falls. Here you get a very good viewpoint. Recommended season for this hike is from May to September. More information about hiking in the Vøringsfoss area HERE

Vøringsfossen fra nedsiden