Horseback Riding

There is a wide range of Horse Riding possibilities, whether you want to go up in the mountains or in stay in the lower regions. There are guided tours, and it is also possible to go riding on your own. Gjeldokk Horse Centre is located in Ål, and you can also arrange riding with Hest i Hallingfjell or Knut Torpe, or check out the Horse Riding Centres at Bergsjø / Skarslia, Geilo, Nesbyen; Hemsedal and Langedrag (near Nesbyen).


Wether you want to rent a horse and ride for a couple of hours or participate in a week long riding camp, you will find what you seek at Skarslia.

Àrmann Hòlm has been running horse riding schools

both on Iceland and in Norway for many years.

Skarslia offers a variety of riding tours with instructor all summer and in the autumn holiday.