We really do not think your reason for coming to Hallingdal is to go shopping. All the same, you can visit Ålingen Shopping Centre and find a nice range of shops in Ål City Centre, i.e. in Myren ‘environmental street’, which is car-free during summer. There are also some good opportunities for shopping in the city centre of Gol and Geilo.

A variety of factory outlets with locally produced goods can be found in the region, including:

- Geilosmiu (Geilo) - blacksmith products

- Brothers Øyo Knife Factory (Geilo) - knives

. Brusletto Knife Factory (Geilo) - knives

- Geilo Tools (Geilo)

- Skaugum Cutlery (Geilo)

- Halling Interior (Flaa)

- Hallingmøbler (Aal) - furniture