Local Food

We work with some of the very best gastronomic suppliers in the Norway - located in Hallingdal. Or very close. Some in the mountains. Some in the valley. Some traditional. Other experimental. Nevertheless, we will always have the best of local produce available.


Haugen Gardsmat is a local meat processing company focusing on pure quality products of lamb, pig, venison and cattle. They deliver the very best meats of the season to provide the ultimate starting point for tasty experiences. No product from Haugen Gardsmat have any artificial additives. It’s all completely natural and pure and you can taste it!

Try the lamb burger at Bergtatt Bistro, or buy it from the «Gladligvare» Store and serve it at home.


Rueslåtten Ysteri (Dairy Cheese Producers) are a small family-run company in Hol municipality. Their cattle live outside all summer and eat only grass and natural food. Rueslåtten uses only unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk from their own cattle. On the menu in our restaurant there are dishes with cream from Rueslåtten Ysteri and in "Gladigvare" we sell salad cheese and "Lord Garvagh" - a cheese with a unique history.



Ingunn bakes several types of real spelled bread of organic spelled flour ("Oberkulmer Rotkorn»), with and without yeast.

In the »Gladligvare" shop we sell Sesame Cookies, Oatmeal Cookies, Gluten Free Crackle and Gluten-free Muffins from Ingunns delicious assortment.